Get Fit for the Foundation     60-Day Challenge

The WorldVentures Foundation, in support of Hug It Forward, is helping to end the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by empowering communities to build their very own “bottle schools.” With dreams of improving their lives, entire communities in Guatemala stuff plastic bottles full of inorganic trash to create “eco-bricks.” Thousands of these eco-bricks are then used to fill the walls of their new bottle school, cleaning up the environment at the same time as making the dream of educational opportunity a reality.  More than 66 bottle schools have now been completed, thanks to the generous support of people like you and I believe we, fun and fitness buffs, can raise the $19,000 needed to fund one more bottle school on the Journey to 100!  Thank you in advance for making this possible!!!

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Requirement to join challenge:

A $20 Donation to the "Fun and Fitness Buffs" Bottle School Funding Campaign

What you'll get:

*Access to the "Get Fit for the Foundation" Challenge page where you'll join a community of individuals with health and fitness goals to help inspire each other and keep each other motivated!

*Weekly challenges that will improve your overall wellness

*A workout plan we can all follow together

*Tips on eating clean, workouts, healthy recipes, and how to stay fit while traveling or on a busy schedule

*weekly shout-outs

*Chance at winning prizes by earning points through weekly challenges (TBD & announced on the group page)

*Giving back and being a part of the Journey to 100 Bottle Schools in 2016


 I’m excited to share my passion for fitness with you and guide you in reaching your goals as well as giving you a solid foundation for a long and healthy lifestyle! I understand in the midst of the holiday season, how difficult it can be to stay consistent with your nutrition and fitness regimen and a 60 day challenge is just what you need to stay focused on your goal.  I don’t know about you, but competition drives me… and so does giving back.  SO here’s what I came up with. I will do my part in helping you transform your body and I ask that you do your part in helping transform the world…

Challenge starts March 2nd and ends May 1st

How can you help transform the world??

That may sound like a large feat I’m asking of you, huh?  I agree completely!  However, there’s power in numbers! See, my initial plan was to throw out a challenge for motivated individuals looking to get or stay fit through the holidays but did not anticipate the overwhelming amount of responses!  With well over 300 people ready for a challenge, I realized the incredible opportunity I have to change a lot of lives and give back in a massive way!!